Our Family Goal Is To Complete Your Family Home.

Australian and American Parti Labradoodles


Why Just A Walk Home?

Our goal at Just A walk Home Kennel is to bring a new life into your family in the way of a happy, healthy puppy whether it is a Standard size Labradoodle puppy, or a miniature size labradoodle puppy we want this to be a wonderful experience for your family.

We offer visits with your new puppy and a two year genetic warranty on your fully vet checked family member before they leave. Our Labradoodle puppies are bred for a good disposition along with a non-shed coat that will help for a allergy free home. We also breed for a range of sizes to fit every home. The Labradoodle puppies for sale come in many colors, they are chocolate, chocolate and white parti labradoodles, black, black and white parti labradoodles, apricot, cream, brindle, sable, white, and silver. Our Australian labradoodle puppies are well socialized and are produced out wonderful natured parents to ensure that your dog will be a wonderful family addition, we are able to answer all of your questions concerning your new puppy and to help you decide on the coat and size that will fit your family needs.



Here at Just A walk Home Kennel we want to have forever homes for our puppies so please give us a call so we can help you with this decision of your life long family member.

Bree Dannielle Murner

Breeder and Founder

Common Questions...

What's a Labradoodle?

A labradoodle is a labrador/poodle cross. We breed multi-generation labradoodles directly from Australian breeding stock as well as first-cross-backcross litters (F1B). (An F1B is a first cross labradoodle that has been bred back to a poodle to enhance the non-shedding, allergy friendly coat.). READ MORE...

Why Labradoodles and Goldendoodles?

Labradoodles and goldendoodles are smart, loving, family-oriented dogs. They have light to non-shedding, allergy-friendly coats, and they do not have the dog smell associated with other breeds. They are highly trainable, friendly companions.

Who Are We?

We are a family of "doodle-lovers" that breed labradoodles that are Australian and American lines so that others can experience the joy of Doodle ownership. The pups are born and raised at our home. Our children are the "socialization crew" and our dogs are our family pets. We are a small breeder that believes in quality before quantity. Our goal is to breed wonderful companion and family dogs while continuing to advance the labradoodle as a breed.

At Just A Walk Home Kennel, we invite you to start an exciting new journey with your family and bring home a furry friend! We provide loving Labradoodle puppies – both Standard-sized pups ready for adventure or miniature buddies looking for cuddles. Whatever the size, it's sure to be a pawsome experience

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